Vision & Mission

Engaging Community. Empowering Students.

Welcome to Adams Central Public Schools. Adams Central has a long and distinguished history of service to children and families. We have a dedicated and caring staff whose main concern is for the safety, welfare, and education of the children we serve.

Mission Statement:

The Adams Central School District will provide a positive environment that encourages and supports citizenship and life-long learning in a diverse society.

The vision of the Adams Central Leadership Team is:
  • To have the courage to put student learning at the front of all decisions.
  • To create an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, professionalism, creativity, and resourcefulness within each building.
  • To serve the children and families of the entire district.
  • To ensure our actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and do more.
  • To pursue academic excellence in all areas of our curriculum for all students.

The result will be a school system that supports every learner in the district, is respected by all stakeholders, and is a model of excellence for all constituents across the state.