Adams Central Foundation

Adams Central Foundation

Executive Director B.J. Pumroy- email-; Phone 402-463-3285.


In the summer of 2022 B.J. Pumroy was named the Executive Director of the Adams Central Schools Foundation (ACSF). The ACSF has existed since 1991 and has served the School District and Adams Central Community in providing opportunities for our students. 

As part of the goal of the Adams Central School Board, naming an executive director to the ACSF is to provide the AC Community with a more directed pathway for private partnerships to benefit the school district as a whole by having a dedicated position to lead the ACSF.

The ACSF Board of Directors is made up of eleven community members. Each of these members has volunteered to serve on the Board with the intent to assist the school district in growing its exemplary status as a top school district in the State of Nebraska. 

ACSF Board of Directors 

  • B.J. Pumroy, Executive Director
  • Nate Gengenbach, President 
  • Tony Collins, Vice President
  • Debbra Weber, Interim Secretary
  • Cortney (Pauley) Davis, Class of ‘08, Treasurer
  • Mike Allen
  • Mike Anderson, Class of ‘88
  • Ann Heckman
  • Dave Lynn
  • Seth Pinkerman, Class of ‘05, 
  • Sean Vontz, Class of ‘97 
  • Inde Wissing 
  • Shawn Scott, School Board Liaison- Adams Central Superintendent

Our Vision-

We connect and inspire the AC Community to ensure the success of all students and staff.

Our Mission-

The AC Foundation provides enhanced opportunities to enrich the lives of Adams Central’s students and staff by engaging graduates and the community.

Our Principles-

Provide Academic Enrichment for the Adams Central School District
Collaborate with the AC Community
Invest in the Future of the AC School District and Community
Commit to the AC Way by providing excellence as our expectation
Operating with responsibility, integrity and transparency

Providing Opportunities for Students
The Adams Central Foundation seeks to obtain resources to increase the ability of the school to meet the varied needs and interests of the students while ensuring their success.  The Foundation operates on a not-for-profit basis, exclusively for education and charitable purposes.  Contributions to the Foundation may be deductible for Federal income, estate, and gift purposes. Donate Online

Knowing the importance of agriculture in the makeup of the School District, you may also donate grain to the foundation which would benefit from the sale of the grain. 

Grain Gifting Instructions

Student Scholarships
Teacher Grants
Funding for School Organizations/Projects
Assistance for project outlined in the School Board’s Master Plan

Those who have contributed generously will be recognized on the "Donor Plaque."  All gifts accumulate yearly and will be counted towards recognition levels.

Your gift can be a tribute to a teacher, mentor, a level of achievement in an academic, athletic, or extra-curricular discipline.  Many ways to honor those individuals and institutions that have influenced your life in a positive manner are available.

Recognition Gifts - Cash gifts to honor a per or special occasion.
Memorial Gifts - Money donated to honor a deceased relative or friend.
Direct Gifts - Gift donations, cash, securities, personal property, or real estate.

Bequests - a gift given through a will.

Endowment - An endowment is a permanent gift that expends only the interest produced by the account each year.

Life Insurance - This allows donors to change their premium dollars into charitable contributions by assigning benefits to the Foundation.  Premiums may be tax-deductible, and the policy benefits may be exempt from estate taxes.

Charitable Annuity - This allows donors  to make a deductible charitable contribution while guaranteeing themselves a lifetime income.

For more information about the foundation, please contact B.J. Pumroy, Executive Director of the ACSF at: 402-463-3285 or