Board of Directors

The ACSF Board of Directors is made up of 11 community members. Each of these members has volunteered to serve on the Board to assist the school district in growing its exemplary status as a top school district in the State of Nebraska. 

ACSF Board of Directors

  • Kate Portenier, Executive Director
  • Tony Collins, President
  • Inde Wissing, Vice President
  • Debbra Weber, Secretary
  • Adam Jacobitz, Treasurer
  • Nate Gengenbach, Past President
  • Mike Allen
  • Mike Anderson, Class of ‘88
  • Ann Heckman
  • Dave Lynn
  • Seth Pinkerman, Class of ‘05, 
  • Sean Vontz, Class of ‘97 
  • Shawn Scott, School Board Liaison- Adams Central Superintendent