Mucklow's board tenure ends



The district thanks Greg Mucklow who attended his final board meeting recently. Mucklow served on the Adams Central School Board for four years. 

Mucklow will be missed, AC superintendent Shawn Scott said. "Greg was perfect as a board member," Scott said. "With his experience and background, I could always count on him to do what's right, look at all perspectives and do what's best for kids."

Mucklow said he was probably most proud of how the board worked together to maintain education by meeting staff and student needs during the pandemic.

"I am also pleased that I was a part of the facility improvements that took place at Adams Central in recent years," Mucklow said. "I was also involved in making some great additions to the staff and worked hard at being fiscally responsible for the district. The board is in a good place. The school will continue to do great things."