Special Education

What Does Special Education Mean?

Special education means specially designed instruction and related services adapted as appropriate to the needs of an eligible student with a disability. Special education is provided at no cost to the parent to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability.

Students Who May Benefit

A student verified as having autism, emotional disturbance, deaf-blindness, developmental delay, hearing impairments, intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairments, other health impairments, specific learning disabilities, speech-language impairments, traumatic brain injury or visual impairments, who because of these impairments, need special education and related services.

How Are Students With Disabilities Identified?

School aged referrals are made by teachers or parents to a problem-solving team. If the student assistance team or comparable problem-solving team feels that all viable general education alternatives have been explored, a referral for multidisciplinary evaluation is completed. An evaluation is conducted to assist in the determination of whether a student has a disability and the nature and extent of the special education and related services the student needs. The evaluation is conducted only with written consent of a parent or guardian. A multidisciplinary evaluation team (MDT) will then meet to determine whether the student is eligible for special education.


Students identified for special education will be reevaluated at least every three years by the IEP team. The IEP team will review existing evaluation data on the student and will identify what additional data, if any, is needed. The school district will obtain parental consent prior to conducting any reevaluation of a student with a disability.

Individual Education Program (IEP)

Upon a student being verified as having a disability, a conference will be held with parents. At the conference, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed specifying programs and services which will be provided by the schools. Written parent consent will be obtained prior to a student receiving special education and related services. Once in place, the IEP is reviewed on an annual basis, or more frequently as needed. Parents are given a copy of the IEP at no charge.

Special Education Placement

The student’s services are dependent on the student’s educational needs as outlined in the Individual Education Program (IEP). To the maximum extent appropriate, students with disabilities are educated with students who are not disabled. Special classes, separate schooling, or other removal of children with disabilities from the regular educational environment occurs only when the nature or severity of the disability is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily. Determination of a student’s education services and settings will be made by the IEP team. Written notice shall be given to parents a reasonable time before the school district: (1.) Initiates or changes the identification, evaluation, verification or educational placement of a child or the provision of a free appropriate public education; or (2.) Refuses to initiate or change the identification, evaluation, or educational placement of the child or the provision of a free appropriate public education to the child.

More Information

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the District’s special education policies, the Parental Rights in Special Education, a copy of the Nebraska Department of Education Rule 51 (special education regulations and complaint procedures) or Rule 55 (special education appeal procedures) may contact the Adams Central Public Schools Special Education Office at (402)751-2245 .

Early Childhood Services

The Adams Central Public Schools invites you to assist in our "Nebraska Child Find" efforts. This is an ongoing statewide search for all unserved children with disabilities, ages birth through 21. If you know a child who is experiencing difficulties with motor development, speech and language, vision, hearing, or learning, please refer the parent to the number below. Our school district will provide an educational evaluation at no cost to the parent. If the child qualifies under Nebraska law, a free and appropriate educational program will be developed to meet his/her educational needs. Early Childhood Special Education services may provided in the home environment, childcare settings, and/or preschool settings, To contact us, please call the Adams Central Special Education Director at (402)751-2245 . You can also contact Nebraska Child find at (888) 806-6287 . The Child find website is: https://childfind.nebraska.gov/